Xenia Bannuscher – Floor Acrobatics

Xenia Bannuscher (born in 1995 in Bayreuth, Germany) started studying at the Circus Department of the Codarts University of the Arts in Rotterdam, the Netherlands in 2016. Her background lies in gymnastics and dance. She started at the age of 4 and continued to train and compete at a high level until she joined the course at Codarts where she explored combining these two disciplines. During her studies she began mixing and meddling with different styles of movement, incorporating them into her own physicality and slowly developing her own language of movement (a language still evolving; currently babbling and stammering in between full sentences). In July 2020 she graduated from Codarts, leaving her with a degree of Contemporary Circus Arts and quite some free time, as COVID-19 is bringing whole parts of the cultural sector to a halt. She’s spending most of that time on the creation for the show René together with Dries Vanwalle – fellow dance acrobat and co-founder of their company Sinking Sideways.

More information on the company and the creation on their website www.sinkingsideways.de 

Growing up in this world being a woman. Being socialized to become what a woman is supposed to be. Feeling like shit for years without really being able to pinpoint where it came from. Realization: female behavior is engraved in my personality, how the fuck do I get that out of my system. Being more unhappy because now I know, each time, where the problem lies – but am still not able to change it. Dancing, moving, climbing trees, balancing, jumping off things. Lazyness, training hard, what’s the purpose. Still not sure where to go, enjoying the search.

mail: xeniabannuscher@gmx.de
website: sinkingsideways.de
insta: @xenia_ban