Jessica Hellmuth – Aerial Rope

Jessica first bumped into a very different circus than what she practices today as a teen living in Colorado. Initially she was captured by feeling the many new capabilities of her often ignored body, but soon she found that it was the performance and research in circus that motivated her as far as Rotterdam where she found Codarts Circus Arts. Going through various ideas of what or who she was as an artist, for example an autoethnographic collage artist, she now simply says that she is a body and a mind accustomed to rope but intrigued with the projects that surround it on and off stage. Next to rope she now works with other media such as voice, collage, and poetry and is constantly redefining how she relates to her practice. 

About the act: Corpomorphologistics
‘Corpomorphologistics’ is an experience of a body (the body of Jess, the circus artist) experiencing and processing identity and perception, taking both herself and the audience along for the ride. Together an exploration takes place, an experiment some might say. A world wondering how far our personalities and the personas we play in life differ when left alone or put in a costume. How far away can you follow bodily impulses away from your mental mind, and which (if any) is actually you? And when there is nothing left, no persona and no layer between body and audience, what is left?

Instagram: @jesshellmuth