Hannah Lennox – Handstand comedy

Hannah Lennox, 25, Scottish Handbalancing Clown.
Loves to be on stage, not only as a performer but now as a host too. It is her passion to combine circus with activism in her acts. Entertaining and engaging with the audience whilst touching tough topics in today’s modern world and providing powerful messages in humorous ways, to make light of dark situations. She knows how to turn a frown upsidedown.

About the act: Who am I to Disagree?
“Who am I to Disagree” is a small but mighty performance to get you thinking about something else for a change!
During this glamorous distraction from daily routine, the dazzling entertainer and quirky singer, Fanny Lennox, will delight you to a snazzy cover of “Sweet Dreams” by Annie Lennox. Are they related? Is she for real? Who knows? Who cares? Who gives a f*ck?
Not Fanny, she is here to provide you purely with stunning talent, beauty and a rather astonishing (and unpredictable) personality. Just like the song, little Miss Lennox will have you dreaming with the use of her powerful, feminine voice and extraordinary stage presence -and she can do it UPSIDE DOWN! This handbalancer will turn your life around, one handstand at a time. 
Warning: the performance may vary from time to time due to: current events, un-attended improvisation and emotional state of the artist.

Own work update:

“Who am I to disagree?” solo act will be improved in many ways, within the next year, once residencies and fundings are obtained. There will still be a short(10 mins) act but it will also be developed into a bigger show that could potentially be split into sections for hosting almost anywhere. The themes and speech can slightly adapt to the current environment/situations/audience. With enough time prior, the booker could potentially request the topics I discuss.

New projects:

“The Balancealots” are a new, fresh and colourful circus company eager to connect to the city around them whilst making statements just by being. For most of 2020, theatres have been a difficult place to get work and reach the public with circus arts. This is why Hannah and Aleš Hrdlička have decided to join forces in their fight against gravity, taking to the streets in hope of creating, new and old, connections with their new show “Pop the Bubble”. The quirky duo combine handbalancing, juggling, partner acro, magic, live music and comedy to create a show that will oddly normalise weirdness.
(Potential resindecies and performances in NL, Belgium, Prague, Glasgow (corona pending uncertainty). In need of more partners/support to make their vision come to life.)

Instagram: @upsidedown_hannah