Dries Vanwalle – Floor acrobatics

Dries Vanwalle (born in Ghent, Belgium) started his circus career at the age of 7 in the youth circus “Circusplaneet” in Ghent. He started specializing as a juggler and diabolist but after some years discovered his passion for acrobatics, more specifically acrodance and started focussing his time on that.
Dries founded a company (Sinking Sideways) together with his classmate and fellow acrodancer Xenia Bannuscher, and will start the creation of their first show “René”.

About the act: Ish
In the act “Ish” Dries Vanwalle explores his way and style of acrobatics. He researches what it is that he likes so much about doing dance acrobatics and wants to show this to his audience.
He tries to establish a connection with the audience so they also feel connected in these unconnected times.

Email: driesvanwalle@gmail.com
Website: sinkingsideways.de
Phone number: +32478036776
Instagram: @vanwalledries