Bětka Tichá – Aerial Rope

Dancer, performer, acrobat.

She graduated from the Duncan Center Dance Conservatory in Prague. In addition to dancing, she developed her juggling skills in the juggling group “MixTrix”. She was part of several theatrical projects of the nomadic group “Žebřiňák”. In 2015-2016 She was as an acrobat in a performance “Jeníček a Mařenka” directed by Matěj Forman. In the same years she was a teacher in “Cirqueon” (place to develop a new circus) and “Roztoč” (place for the development of culture arts) .

During 2015, Alžběta found hobby in aerial acrobatics. She plunged into it so intensely that she decided to take part in an audition for studies of contemporary circus art.

Since 2016, she studies at Codarts – university of the arts in Netherlands. Since then She has been combining acrobatics at aerial acrobatics with dance and physical theater. She has participated in several projects as a performer: Kid by Francesco Sgró, Li(n es by Daniel Gulko, CircusMeetsStreetDance, Re-zervace and many others. She is a member and founder of “Feel the Universe Circus Company” and organizer and performer of the summer project 2016 “Circus Laboratorium”.

About the act: STAV
Solo contemporary circus performance, has been created within last year of education at university Codarts – Circus Arts in Netherlands by Alžběta Tichá. In Summer and Autum 2020 It will be part of a few residencies in the Czech Republic. The performance was chosen for a project “Playground 2020/2021” in Korzo theater in Hague. Premier of the performance is planned for 8th of November 2020.

Each of us is constantly changing…

The performance “STAV” points to the issue of a woman who is going through her “life path”. Time is running and she is changing in every moment.Who was she at the beginning ? Who is she now ? What comes after ? 

The story of “STAV” is communicated live by the acrobat through her movement art focused on animal movement and aerial acrobatics on rope. The performance can include spectators who like risk and imagery, as well as spectators who are looking for inspiring stories for their own lives. The performance should enrich the program of new circus and theater festivals and raise awareness of the performing arts.

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