About Codarts

Codarts Rotterdam is an internationally renowned university which offers high-quality
professional arts education in music, dance and circus. Codarts Rotterdam trains talented and driven dancers, musicians and circus performers to become dedicated and inspiring
artists, leaders and facilitators, ready to spread their wings in a dynamic, international

Codarts Circus Arts
Located in a former warehouse in the harbor of Rotterdam, the four-year bachelor
education of Codarts Circus Arts offers a creative environment for young circus talents
from all over the world to become a professional performing artist. The choice of study
contains a wide range of circus disciplines, from acrobatics to object manipulation and
The students develop their authentic and artistic identity with the support of the teachers
and the staff. Next to hard physical training, Codarts Circus Arts invites its students to take
creative risks in order to develop their artistic progression and make Circus, with a thrilling
balance between a rational study of skills and an honest presence with guts, never
pretending, not afraid to mock reality, and always with an open view, ready to touch the
public straight from the heart.
Codarts Circus Arts actively constructs bridges with all (performing) arts and stimulates
different approaches to circus skills. External coaches and guest directors accompany the
production process of graduation projects
Codarts Circus Arts trains students to become artists who can design and perform acts,
both individually and as team members. Part of their final exam is performing a graduation
act in their chosen circus discipline. These individual acts are conceived and created by
themselves, guided by the Codarts team and an external artistic coach. Each year, the
graduation acts are presented in the show TAKE OFF, with enthusiastic responses from
general audience and professional programmers alike.