We are ready for take off!
We are the 2020 graduates of Codarts Circus Arts, and this is the website for Take Off # 11, our annual graduation presentation.
In normal circumstances, each year in June you can see the individual graduation acts of Codarts Circus Arts in an exciting show, in a theatre in Rotterdam. But this year things are different…the graduation show had to be cancelled, due to the coronavirus. This meant that we, a group of 12 individual, emerging circus artists cannot yet share our joy for circus with you, a live audience. 

We miss you. We miss feeling the vibrant energy of a packed auditorium. 
With our individual solo acts we want to bring you to the edge of your seat, and bombard you with exciting, inventive, stunning and funny mind-blowing acts, ranging from aerials to juggling, cyr wheel, magical objects, floor acrobatics to upside-down stand up comedy.
But the time will come that we will meet again. 
In the meanwhile, visit our individual pages, watch trailers of our work and stay tuned for more info, about when and where you can see us perform live.
See you soon!

About the artists

Aleš Hrdlička
Juggling & Magic

Bětka Tichá
Aerial Rope

Elena Damasio
Cyr Wheel

Hannah Lennox
Handstand comedy

Saana Tolonen
Aerial Hoop

Sirio Fernández Rubio

Christopher McAuley
Dance trapeze

Dries Vanwalle
Floor acrobatics

Jessica Hellmuth
Aerial Rope

Jonas Alich

William Blenkin
Aerial Straps

Xenia Bannuscher
Floor Acrobatics

Class of 2020

Showing 28th of August

Some acts are ready, but some still need fine-tuning and completion, due to the forced break from training and creating. We believe in the power of live performance, and did not want to share work-in-progress videos online.

Therefore, on the 28th of August there is a (closed for the public) recording session of our acts. Soon after, the videos of our full acts can be requested by programmers. And – if all is well – you can see us live somewhere soon! Stay informed here and on social media!

Thank you for visiting our website!