William Blenkin – Aerial Straps

William Blenkin, born in England came to discover circus later than most. A gymnast and experience in theater from a young age equipped him with all the skills one might need upon discovering he could swap maths and science for handstands and acrobatics. He studied at Circomedia in the UK from the age of 16 before two years later embarking on his overseas adventure in Codarts. Specialising in Aerial straps whilst combining this with Dance and Acrobatics. In his Graduation act Will combines these elements as well as theater and parts of himself to create an act inspired by family, upbringing and his enthusiasm of being alive.

About the act
People look different at home. They hold themselves differently and all inhibitions are gone. Safety and calmness.
Through movement, costume, aerial straps and acrobatics. Will creates a warm cozy space where the largest and smallest versions of himself come to life.

Phone: +447445529555
E-mail: willblenkin@googlemail.com