Sirio Fernández Rubio – Juggling

Sirio Fernández Rubio, born in Madrid, Spain on 29 August of 1993. He studied one year of anthropology at the University of Madrid, Spain (UAM). He wanted to express himself, this took him to audition in circus school Carampa. After finishing his two years education, heapplied at Codarts, in the Netherlands. There, he specializes himself in club juggling. Sirio started to juggle as a hobby and afterwards he realized his passion for this art. He decided to create a company, called Pass and Company. After that Sirio decided to experience new adventures in The Netherlands and around the world.

About the act:
This juggling act tells the story of a man in a cave. He doesn ́t know for how long he has been there. When the hope is about to leave his body, he sees a ray of light. Inside that cave, he has the tools that he was developing during his time alone, represented by his juggling clubs. With these tools and the help of a friend, he will fight his fears and face the different adventures that happen to him. In this absurd and surprising world, our character will find himself and… the real world?

Circustalk: Sirio Fdez Rubio