Jonas Alich – Diabolo

Jonas Alich was born in 1994 in Kassel and found his fascination for the diabolo in the age of six. Over 13 years Jonas discovered the circus world in the youth circus Rambazotti and started his first solo performances in lokal varieté shows. Besides diabolo, also dance became part of the daily practice with moving to Berlin in the age of 19. When studying at the circus school, he developed his very own style in combining diabolo, dance and audience interaction. In June 2020 he graduated from Codarts Circus Arts Rotterdam with a Bachelor in object manipulation. Before and beside his studies Jonas performed in all kind of contemporary company, varieté, dinner, event and traditional circus shows.

About the act
MOMENTUM is a modern staged diabolo act with a unique use of SPACE, DYNAMIC, MUSIC, BODY and COMPOSITIONS of all kind. It is breaking the conventional perspective on the diabolo and is constantly looking for an open and honest contact to the audience – a moment of sharing and acknowledging each other. MOMENTUM makes you see through the eyes of Jonas and him being vulnerable, showing that he could loose control and fighting on the edge of how much risk he can take in all of this. Framed in well placed aesthetics and stage settings, the MOMENTUM will be different every time!

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Phone: +49 15782542438
Facebook: @jonasalich
Instagram: @jonaselectricdiabolo