Christopher Mc Auley – Dance trapeze

Christopher Mc Auley, 27 years old and weighing a whopping 53kg, began his circus adventures in Northern Ireland through a social circus project. From a young age he found his home in the air, choosing either aerial or flying on other people, however soon realised that trapeze had the most bearable pain of all. Having devoted 4 years to dangling in the air, Christopher is about to graduate from Codarts University, Rotterdam and begin his search for good rigging points. Lover of all things nerdy and absurd, he likes to incorporate his queer identity into his work in an array of styles.

About the act
Cambridge definition of a dress : a piece of clothing for women or girls that covers the tophalf of the body and hangs down over the legs.”

Fabric is fabric, why does it have to be gendered? Can a man like the colour pink? Is it shameful to enjoy wearing a dress? This man explores the sliding scale of personal shame and comfort, on his voyage of acceptance and pride with his trapeze.

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