Aleš Hrdlička – Juggling & Magic

Aleš was born in Prague, Czech Republic, this is where he started practicing and performing magic at the age of 6 and picked up juggling when he was 10. During his circus study, Aleš found the passion in connecting these two art forms in his original contemporary circus creations.

As a member of the French charity organisation Magiciens du Monde, Aleš is grateful to spread joy and inspiration in orphanages, hospitals and third world countries. Aleš Hrdlička is a Czech emerging artist, professional juggler, magician, creator and contemporary circus performer. He is the Czech Champion of Magic, a fresh graduate from the contemporary circus university Codarts Rotterdam and one of the original members of Cink Cink Cirk, an established Czech circus company founded in 2012.

Whilst taking his art on the road, he has appeared on several live television broadcasts and has performed in hundreds of venues, including festivals, theatre shows, corporate events, cabarets and fairs in many countries across Europe, Africa and Asia.

About the act: OMEN
Creating the shape of the universe, from the ringing in our ears to the round stage of the circus, this act is an absurd, reality-bending ritual, magnifying the beginning of life. The first light dawns, a genderless identity emerges from the darkness as a god-like character who lays the first egg in times before time even existed.
Redefining the simplest of the shapes: a RING, to symbolise the first cell. It splits and multiplies in their hands through juggling and object manipulation but, just like the universe, there are moments that cannot be explained. Some may call it magic.

Instagram: @aleshrdlicka